Impartial Statement

Impartial Statement


Evergreen (Zhejiang) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD.'s laboratory is a testing agency that provides technical services to companies or other companies. To ensure fair, independent and honest testing, and to ensure accurate and reliable results, the following statements are as follows:

1.Strictly implement the laws, regulations and standards of the state and industry, and strictly abide by professional ethics.

2.The laboratory does not engage in any activities that affect impartial status. The staff strictly abides by laboratory work disciplines and other regulations and is not subject to any intervention that affects the accuracy of the test.

3.The laboratory of the test report issued by the laboratory and the authenticity of the technical appraisal conclusion are not subject to any interference from the internal, external, administrative, commercial, financial or other aspects.

4.Adhere to the principle of non-discrimination, provide scientific, fair, high-quality and efficient services to all customers without discrimination, and strictly abide by the commitment to customers.

5.Technologies, operations, etc. involving customers in strict confidentiality and safeguard the interests of customers.

6.Make every employee of the laboratory memorize and strictly abide by the provisions of this statement. If an incident that violates this statement is found, the person responsible will be given the necessary punishment.

 General manager:

Date: May 01, 2016