Haiyan County actively builds a comprehensive service industry for fastener industry

Editor:海盐常绿标准件有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-10-17 

In the past, Haiyan County was praised for its developed fastener industry; Tiehai Salt, under the background of new and old kinetic energy conversion, the fastener industry as a traditional leading industry in the county, is undergoing major changes. It is reported that this year, Haiyan County officially launched the establishment of the provincial industrial innovation service complex for fasteners, in order to solve the problem of insufficient supply in the process of economic transformation and upgrading, and promote the new way of the traditional economy towards high quality development.

It is understood that around the "Zhejiang Industrial Innovation Service Complex Construction Action Plan" and the "Industrial Innovation Service Construction Finance Special Incentive Fund Competitive Distribution Plan", Haiyan County has now established the leader of the county government as the leader of the project. The deputy leader of the leadership and the main person in charge of each department are members; the leading group for the construction of the Haiyan Fastener Industry Innovation Service Complex has been created in an orderly manner.

The fastener industry is the traditional leading industry in Haiyan County and one of the most influential industries in Haiyan County. At present, Haiyan County has more than 1,300 fasteners and its upstream and downstream affiliated enterprises, including more than 80 enterprises, with an annual trading volume of more than 2 million tons and an output value of 10 billion yuan. The products have screws, nuts, bolts and screws. The large series has more than 14,000 varieties, including high-end products for aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear power, military equipment, etc. The products cover a wide range.

It is worth mentioning that while promoting the high-quality development of the fastener industry, in order to speed up the elimination of the low-end, low-efficiency capacity enterprises, and promote the transformation of the solid parts industry, Haiyan County has also started the fastener industry. The rectification and improvement action was launched, and the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Improvement of the Fastener Industry in Haiyan County” was issued. As of the end of April this year, the county has rectified 310 fastener enterprises, of which 241 were shut down, 44 were admitted to the district, 25 were relocated, and the current situation of the fastener industry in the county is low and the environmental problems are prominent. A certain degree of containment and governance has been obtained.

How will the fastener industry innovation service complex operate and how will it affect the industry? According to the staff of the relevant departments of the County Science and Technology Bureau, the construction of the Haiyan Fastener Industry Innovation Service Complex is mainly from improving the industrial chain. From the perspective of enhancing the value chain, we will focus on building seven pillars, namely, collaborative innovation center, inspection and testing center, intelligent manufacturing center, technology financial center, talent exchange center, innovation and business incubation center, and government public service platform. Around the seven service function sectors, the complex will give full play to the basic role of market allocation resources, and establish a joint-stock company to specifically operate the innovative service complex.

In addition, in order to give full play to the market-oriented role and fully consider the geographical distribution characteristics of each member, Haiyan County intends to operate the innovative service complex by means of shareholding system + membership system. The complex implements a membership system for the fastener industry and provides integrated services to members through a strategic cooperation agreement with each service provider.

After the completion of the Haiyan County Fastener Industry Innovation Service Complex, it will build a one-stop platform by integrating scattered functional services, through the construction of government, platform operators, colleges, intermediary organizations, financing institutions; five-in-one innovation The service system provides one-stop integrated services for the majority of fasteners and small enterprises in the county, which can greatly improve the efficiency of traditional industrial innovation supply in our county, solve the problem of insufficient supply during the economic transformation and upgrading process, and promote the high-quality development of the economy.