Company Profile

Meticulous management and pursuit of perfection

EVERGREEN(ZHEJIANG)INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING CO ., LTD founded in 1997, is located in the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China International Fastener City - Haiyan. It has a beautiful environment with advantageous natural conditions, developed economy and rich cultural background, advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation. It is close to Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and runs through Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities. The company covers an area of 16660 square meters. Now it has 15 professional and technical personnel and 80 frontline workers. Fixed assets of the company 0.8 million, products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South America and other countries, the company adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first, quality first" management philosophy, in the field of industry enjoys a high reputation and good reputation!

After more than ten years of development, the company has formed a steel annealing, wire drawing processing, nuts and screws and other high-strength fasteners manufacturing, storage as one of the medium-sized enterprises, the company is now self-export screw, nuts, gaskets, screws, bolts, inside and outside the Gecko, three or four pieces of expansion bolts, U/V bolts, stamping parts and other hardware. Products.

In 2009, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, as well as the quality tracking service and control of the National Standard Parts Inspection Center, thus ensuring the excellent quality of customer products.National high-tech Enterprise was identified in August 2018.

The company's products are made of carbon steel、alloy steel、stainless steel etc,Surface treatment of products have Black、Galvanized、Hot-dip galvanized、 mechanical galvanized and other types,The mechanical properties of ISO 898-1:4.8-12.9、SAE J429:GR.2-GR.8、 ASTM 193/A193M:B7、B7M、B16 and other grades,See product center profile for details.The products have a variety of packaging for customers to choose.


Professional quality, quality assurance

The pursuit of rigorous work attitude, perfect product quality, the entire process is an organic whole, each link is closely linked. People without me have people who have excellence in me, pursue perfection and keep improving.Refinement and refinement are the foundation of our business. Now the pursuit of the enterprise is the "people-oriented concept". We take improving the quality of employees as a prerequisite, and strive to give full play to our potential to achieve quality awareness and ensure first-class quality.


EVERGREEN(ZHEJIANG)INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING CO ., LTD with the management concept of "fine management, pursuit of perfection", relying on the scientific and technological leadership and brand strategy, implements the modern enterprise management mode, actively introduces high-quality talents, with the quality concept of "meticulous, attentive, careful, quality assurance" and on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefit with the sea Domestic and foreign friends wholeheartedly cooperate, supply and demand development.

Business philosophy -- "meticulous management and pursuit of perfection"

Quality concept "meticulous,careful and quality guaranteed."

Service concept -- "honesty, equality, win-win"

Market concept - "to impress consumers with quality, to consolidate and expand the market with team and executive power".


Teamwork and international vision

Taking the global market as the strategic goal, looking at the world from an international perspective, and actively integrating into the global market, enterprises take good faith cooperation as the criterion, high quality and reliable products, matching market prices, and expanding market share.

In the face of customer enthusiasm, patience and meticulous, let every customer happy, satisfied and return.


Meticulous management and pursuit of perfection